Thursday, November 7, 2013

On Losing Weight (or just change in general)

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I have, over the last three days, been having a nice conversation with my brother. We've talked about things that have been getting us down lately and, it's funny, I will say something that has gotten me down and bam, he tells me why I shouldn't be down. He then turns around and tells me something thats getting him down and I feel this urge to tell him its all gonna be okay and figure out a way to help him see that. It's really cemented my standing on how we all need to communicate. I feel that people in general are good and kind and want to do what they can for others. When we open up to others they will naturally feel the urge to help and uplift us. So, talk. To anyone.

Anyway, one of the things we both were down about was our weight. We are both heavier individuals. Which beings me to another thing. We are both super attractive, talented, awesome people who also happen to be overweight. I feel it's important to mention this. Anyway, he was telling me his frustrations and I was telling him mine and how I had had an epiphany. Lemme tell ya'll about it.

I decided I needed to actually get serious about losing weight. I recently have undergone some treatments which have caused me to gain twenty pounds. I decided I want to lose these twenty pounds. I have been trying diet and exercise plans but gave up on them.... oh, about a month ago. Well yesterday I decided I need to get my crap together and do it. I popped in a jillian micheals twenty minute work out video, got three minutes into it and collapsed to the floor. Yep, I just about died. My muscles weren't tired per say. Sure, they were shaking like a mother when I tired to do more pushups after more weight lifting, but that wasn't why I collapsed. I was pretty sure my heart was gonna explode. I was just gonna die. My cats would find me in my sweat pants, dead of a work out dvd. I decided I didn't want to snuff out my life with that so I just stopped. While lying on the floor contemplating my failure, I realized something. This is not gonna lose me my twenty pounds. This is not going to help me. I AM going to fail at this, give up hope and eat a buttered roll to feel better.  That is when it hit me.

What am I doing?

I can't just start exercising like I have been doing it for months. I can't just start eating 1200 calories a day like its no big thing. I can't lose twenty pounds as quickly as I want to. And then it hit me again. It's not that I can't.

I don't need to.

This is what I basically told my brother. You need to start small. Like, so small it almost makes no difference. ALMOST. Instead of making your exercise goal trying to do crazy circuit training everyday, just commit to go jogging for twenty minutes a day for one whole week. Instead of trying to eat 1000 calroies a day, try to just make healthy choices. Actually take time to look at what you're eating and decide if this is good for you or not. Just for one week. Then, after a week, try jogging for 25-30 minutes. Maybe try keeping a food journal. Then the week after that, maybe do some crunches and run for a half hour. Maybe try counting you calories. Then, after a month of this, try actually restricting your calroies and doing a half hour of cardio and a half hour of strength training. Is this going to get you results fast? No. Are you gonna get back into those jeans you wore in high school? No. What this IS going to do for you is help you not quit. Help you actually say, hey, I did this and I CAN do more. This brings me to my favorite quote. I actually had it hanging in my office for awhile:

"A year from now, you will wish you had started today."

That blows my mind. I feel like that all the time. You see, the key to weight loss isn't the diet you're on or the crazy workouts you do, its actually sticking to something for a long period of time. This is just my epiphany of the day, and hey it may just be from a dizzy, sweaty, blurry, and oxygen-deprived moment of my life, but I think it's the truth. This is at least my own advice and I am gonna try to stick to it. We'll see how I do. I just wanted to put out there that if you really want to suceed at something, you have to start small.

And the very last thing I want to share:

Don't give up.

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