Saturday, November 9, 2013

How To Make Freakin Amazing Pizza Crust

Hello All! So Glad I could give that inspiring speech on weight loss. Now, here is how I take my own advice and throw it in the trash.

Sage Garlic Cheesy Bread

Oh, being a good cook is a curse to your thighs and a blessing to your pallet. Thank heavens my husband ate almost all of it!

Any who! If you have ever been to one of my famed pizza parties you are probably wondering how I make the crust so amazing. Well friends, I will tell you my secret.

Jiffy Pizza Crust & Honey

Honey Pizza Crust

Preheat the oven to 425
Replace half the warm water with warm honey and add a little more flour till it's the perfect consistency.
Roll it out and stab it quite a bit with a fork
Bake for three to four minutes (This keeps your pizza from getting soggy when you add your sauce)
Take it out and top then place it back in till cheese is bubbly (About four to five minutes more)

And that's it!

Now for a truly exceptional pizza experience here are three things to try:

Mexican Pizza

Get some tomatillo sauce from Costa Vida or Cafe Rio and use that instead of tomato sauce.
Replace your traditional peperoni with pork barbacoa.
Sprinkle some pico de gallo or mango salsa over the pizza (just go for more chunky less watery)
Replace your traditional mozzarella with Queso Fresco. Yum!
Feel free to also throw some fresh cilantro or chopped green onions on there before you bake it!

Caprese Pizza

Replace your tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil. (This is a lot of fun with a basting brush)
Slice up red and yellow cherry tomatoes and throw them on!
Add fresh basil leaves (make a pesto with the rest! If you want a recipe just comment below :P)
Top with slices of fresh mozzarella

Sage Garlic Cheese Sticks

(Be forewarned this is the most unhealthy thing ever.)

Microwave a half a stick of butter in a bowl until half to three quarters melted through.
Add one to two tablespoons garlic paste (that's basically mashed garlic).
Add one tablespoon shredded fresh sage leaves.
Salt to taste and use a basting brush to spread over pre-made crust.
Absolutely cover in shredded mozzarella.
When golden bubbly remove from oven and pepper to taste.
Serve hot!

I hope you enjoyed these recipes! If you would like more or have any questions on these just comment below! Have a great night everyone!

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